Social responsibility

Like other companies, "Rubate" focuses on connecting with the public. We consider this responsibility, sharing the fruits of our labor, as our responsibility. In this way, we want to encourage others, to devote our time and "fruits" to the people and communities who are the creators of our tomorrow, and to those who need help.

Support for local communities
There is an active effort both at company and employee level to promote greater involvement and improvement of local organizations.

Support for sports organizations
Participation and success in sporting competitions inspire us, being with one's favorites enhances patriotism and, if successful, allows us to organize sporting events with us.

Seniors Social Assistance
Without history, there is no future, we want to pay attention to the experience of our elders, to the wisdom of life and its special value today, and to respect, honor and remember our roots, without which we and our children would be supportive seniors in their daily steps.